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A simple grammar of English: index

Welcome to the ELT Concourse simple grammar.
Think what you want to do in English and then go to the page to look at the grammar.

Click here to download this grammar as a single PDF document.

This is a simple grammar of English so it will not cover everything.

Types of words about the two main types of words in English
Sentences how to make simple and more complicated sentences in English
Names for things about nouns
Doing and Being words about verbs, tenses and aspects
Special or modal auxiliary verbs about modal auxiliary verbs like can, will, used to etc.
Saying where and when how to use prepositions in English
Joining ideas how to use conjunctions in English to join ideas together
Describing words how to describe things and actions in English
Pronouns how words in English stand for other words
English and my language How is your language like English?  How is it different from English?
Do all the tests again do all the tests in the Simple Grammar pages again