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A single-page index of all guides in this section is available here.

Guides and materials linked from this page are intended for people with little or no English language teaching experience although more experienced teachers may find them useful revision.
The index and this section refers to initial plus because the material is intended for people who have yet to take a training course who or have recently done so and need a little help right now or when they are preparing to take further qualifications.
There is set of guides specifically aimed at people taking a Cambridge Assessment English CELTA course, linked below.


The A-Z Index if you can't find what you are looking for
Search the site to enter your enquiry
A 50-item grammar test if you want a measure of where you are now.  You can check your answers and be directed to the guides to look at.
The Bridge a set of guides midway between initial training and in-service training
For teacher trainers if you are training pre-service teachers

The initial plus training topics

background and methodology language functions language skills learn to transcribe
sentences and clauses teaching and materials terminology and references verbs and tenses
words and vocabulary a list of lists sentence grammar essentials pronunciation
essential guides a 10-unit language analysis course index of courses on this site glossaries on this site
Other links:
the teacher training index a basic training course the free TKT course the CELTA section in-service training the Delta section teacher development
about language this is an index of guides concerned much more generally with language (and English in particular).

In a little more detail:

background and methodology guides to some basic theory and teaching background
essential guides these are guides to a basic understanding of a number of language and skills areas
language functions what communicative language functions are, their relationship to form and meaning and ways of teaching functions
language skills understanding and teaching reading, listening, speaking and writing
learn to transcribe a course in transcribing English phonemically
sentences and clauses guides to the basic sentence structures and syntax including conjunctions, questions and negatives
teaching and materials practical guides to teaching English, grouping learners, task and activity types, materials construction, lesson planning and so on
terminology and references lists, references, terminology and so on
verbs guides to verb types, the tenses of English and verb forms
words and vocabulary types of words, meaning and the relationships between words
sentence grammar a single guide to understanding the grammar of sentences in English
pronunciation the essential guide to pronunciation in this section contains links to more complicated guides for those who want to know more
a list of lists A number of guides on this site have links to lists of items you may find helpful.  Here is the lists of lists.
a 10-unit language analysis course a 10-unit course covering the elements of pronunciation, word class, content and function words, subjects and objects, tenses and aspects, modality, sentences, phrases, clauses and text structures
courses for the index of all courses on ELT Concourse
glossaries this takes you to the index of glossaries.  Many have links to guides for more detail.
about language this is an index of guides considering various aspects of language in general (and English in particular) rather than teaching or analysis
The Bridge guides in this area come half way between the initial plus training and in-service-level training
considering Delta? this is a guide for people considering the next stage of qualification with an index of links to crucial preparation guides

Plagiarism warning

Using, amending or citing from the materials you find here is, of course, allowable, providing you supply a conventional reference but wholesale or unattributed 'lifting' from the materials constitutes plagiarism.
Most training course providers and all awarding bodies for teacher-training qualifications take a dim view of this and have systems in place to detect and punish plagiarism.


You may not use this material for commercial purposes.  The material may be used with fee-paying learners of English but may not be used on fee-paying courses for teachers.  Small excerpts from materials, conventionally attributed, may be used on such courses but wholesale lifting of materials is explicitly forbidden.  There is, of course, no objection at all to providing fee-paying course participants with annotated links to materials anywhere on this site.  Indeed, that is welcomed.