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Entering ELT Initial plus training CELTA ←The Bridge→ In-service training Delta Trainers Development
For people considering English Language Teaching For people with little
or no experience
For the Cambridge CELTA Bridging the gap For experienced teachers and trainers For the Cambridge Delta For teacher trainers For everyone
Courses A basic course Language analysis CELTA grammar Transcription TKT Course Delta Module One Training to Train
For people with no experience A 10-unit language analysis course A short pre-initial-training grammar course A course in learning phonemic transcription A free TKT preparation course A free course for the examination A conversion course: teacher → teacher trainer

More information

Entering ELT Is English Language Teaching for you?
This section contains information and advice for people who are considering entering English Language Teaching.  It also has a short introduction to English Language Teaching.
Initial plus training

This area is mostly for people who have no, little or some teaching experience and/or:

  • are considering starting an initial training courses such as CELTA, or the Trinity Certificate in TESOL
  • are doing such a course

  • are preparing for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT) or taking the TKT course on this site
  • are going on to further training and need a revision course

The Cambridge English Certificate in Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages is an introductory course for people who have little or no previous English language teaching experience.  This section contains:

  • a guide to each area of the CELTA syllabus
  • detailed guides to what to include and how to write CELTA written assignments

  • links to practical teaching guides on this site
The Bridge The guides in this area come half way between the initial plus training and in-service-level training.  They are designed to bridge the gap between initial courses and in-service training courses.  They focus on a limited number of crucial areas: structure and meaning, lexis and meaning and text and meaning.
In-service training

This area is mostly of interest to experienced teachers:

  • teachers developing their skills and knowledge on courses such as Delta, Trinity DipTESOL and MAs

  • those who are simply interested in knowing more about ELT
Development This section contains ideas for development not connected to any formal training course.
Many of the ideas and suggestions may be helpful to people on in-service training courses.
The section contains a guide to doing classroom research properly.
Trainers There are guides in this area linked to worksheets which could be used on initial and in-service training courses.

Courses on the site

A basic ELT course

This is not a substitute for a recognised training course but:

  • it will prepare you well for an initial training courses such as CELTA, or the Trinity Certificate in TESOL
  • it will give you some subject and procedural knowledge

  • it will work as a stop-gap for novice teachers before you get a proper, recognised qualification
Language analysis This is a 10-unit course covering the elements of pronunciation, word class, content and function words, subjects and objects, tenses and aspects, modality, sentences (phrases and clauses), and text structures.
It is not intended to be exhaustive but will act as a road map for people unacquainted with language analysis.  Doing this before an initial training course will be helpful.
Pre-initial grammar This is a very short course covering most of what you will need to know before you begin an initial training course such as CELTA or the Trinity CertTESOL.  It covers word and phrase class, syntax, conjunction and tense and aspect.
A teacher's toolkit An eight-part course for people taking CELTA or a similar pre-service course covering key teaching techniques and behaviours.  The guide focuses only on teaching approaches and techniques and is designed to help people acquire some basic teaching behaviours.
Transcription This is a course in learning to transcribe the sounds of English phonemically.
TKT Course

This is a completely free course to prepare for Modules 1, 2 and 3 of the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test.  It is for people who want to prove their teaching knowledge with a globally recognised certificate.

  • Module 1: Language and background to language learning and teaching
  • Module 2: Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching
  • Module 3: Managing the teaching and learning process
Delta Module One This is a course for people preparing independently to take the Cambridge Delta Module One examination.  It also contains a week-by-week study plan, a full revision course and two mock examinations with keys.
Delta Module Three This is a study plan for either option for the Delta Module Three for people entering independently.  It covers both options (Extending Practice and ELT Specialism and English Language Teaching Management).  It has links to key guides and suggestions for study.
Training to train This is a six-unit course designed for experienced language teachers who want to train as teacher trainers.  It covers the skills you need, the types of training you can do, activities and tasks, observing and giving feedback and running tutorials and seminars.  There is also an extras page with further links and resources.
Courses The index of all courses on ELT Concourse.  All courses are completely free.

Glossaries and references

Glossaries This is an index of all the glossaries on this site concerning methodology, background theory, grammar, lexis, phonology, testing and general ELT terminology.  Many are linked to specific guides for more information and are available in PDF format.  This page also contains links to tests of the areas.
About language This is an index of some guides which are concerned with the analysis of language in general rather than particular aspects of grammar, syntax and phonology.
Grammar references These are a short, selected lists of references.
Skills references