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The Delta index

Guides in this area are designed specifically with the Cambridge Delta scheme in mind.  However, some may prove helpful to anyone following any in-service training programme.
The ELT Concourse candidate's guide to the Cambridge Delta is available from the links below.  It covers the whole scheme.
Some free tutorial support for Delta is now available.  See the link below for more.


You may not use the material for commercial purposes.  The material may be used with fee-paying learners of English but may not be used on fee-paying courses for teachers.  Small excerpts from materials, conventionally attributed, may be used on such courses but wholesale lifting of materials is explicitly forbidden.  There is, of course, no objection at all to providing fee-paying course participants with annotated links to materials anywhere on this site.  Indeed, that is welcomed.

About Delta

Considering Delta? This is guide for people who may be considering taking Delta with an index of links to other crucial guides.
The Delta overview A reference guide and bird's eye view.  More detail on each section is in the individual guides.
Terminology and systems Understanding the scheme and how it is administered.
Test your knowledge of Delta Use this short test to make sure you understand what the scheme requires.
10 Delta urban legends A number of mythologies have grown up around Delta and its assessment.  None is true.
Delta: frequently asked questions Answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Preparing for Delta

Get free tutorial support Some free tutorial support is available for all Delta Modules under certain circumstances.
Preparing for Module Two A guide to the areas you can look at before you start a Module Two course.
Test your grammar for Delta Take a 25-item, multiple-choice test to see if your knowledge of grammar and structure is up to the mark.
A 10-unit Language Analysis course This is a course covering the elements of pronunciation, word class, content and function words, subjects and objects, tenses and aspects, modality, sentences, phrases, clauses and text structures.
Learn phonemic transcription Learn (or refresh your memory about) how the sounds of English are transcribed.
Researching online A short guide to whom to trust.
Pre-course concepts This is a very brief guide to some key concepts that may help you to set things in context once a Delta course proper begins.
Study skills for Delta This is another pre-course guide (preferably) which aims to set out what skills and cognitive abilities will be asked of you when doing a Delta course.

General guides for all Delta Modules

Delta: a candidate's guide This is a long document and a large download covering the whole Delta scheme.  Use it as a road map.
A Delta style guide This is a guide to how to write in appropriate academic and formal English for Delta.

The Delta Modules

Module One Module Two Module Three
Understanding language, methodology and resources for teaching Developing professional practice Extending practice and ELT specialism or ELT Management option
A 2-part, 3-hour written examination Two Language Systems and two Language Skills assignments A 4000-4500 word extended assignment
The Professional Development Assignment (PDA)
Module One preparation course Paper 1 revision exercises preparing for Module Two what to avoid in the classroom ELT Specialism ELT Management option
Delta Paper 1 task by task Paper 2 revision exercises the criteria explained the reflection and evaluation an overview and course plan for Module Three
Delta Paper 2 task by task a Module One revision course choosing an assignment topic the external assessment: FAQs how to write and structure Module Three
Examination tips and advice Delta mock examinations + keys writing a background essay the overview of the PDA choosing the topic choosing the topic
    writing your first Delta essay the PDA Part A writing the introduction writing the introduction
    getting a Distinction for an essay the PDA Part B needs analysis situation analysis
    analysing systems in an essay writing the PDA Part B testing and assessment proposal and justification
    analysing skills in an essay observing teaching the course proposal implementation
    learning and teaching problems the really critical criteria Delta Module Three reading list Delta Module Three reading list
    writing a Delta lesson plan 10 things not to write before you submit
    meeting the teaching criteria methodologies unpacked    
    teaching a systems lesson unlocking learning 4 ways    
    teaching a skills lesson Help! I've been referred    
    preparing to teach a Delta lesson Delta Module Two reading list    

Other resources for Delta

Reading and reference lists This is a link to an index of reading and reference lists, some general, some specifically for Delta.
The in-service training index Guides to language, skills, methodology, background theory and more.
The initial plus training index Simpler guides to language, skills, methodology, background theory and more.
A language analysis course This is a 10-unit course in English language analysis.  It may be of interest if you need some revision of the way to approach the analysis of English structure.
Glossary index This will take you to the index of all glossaries on this site.  They are available in PDF format.
A glossary of simple grammar terms This is the minimum you need to know for Modules One and Two of Delta to understand and analyse grammar and structure.
A glossary of grammar, lexis and phonology This is a much fuller glossary of grammar, lexis and phonology terminology for your reference.  It contains links to other guides.
A glossary of methodology and background theory A glossary of terms relating to methodology and background theory.  It contains links to other guides.
General terminology test This is a 100-item, multiple choice test in terminology for ELT – do it after the course or during it to check what you know.
A 50-item grammar test This is an initial-level test and allows you to check your answers and get advice about what to study.  It opens in a new tab.  The answer key has links to the relevant guides.
A harder 50-item grammar test This is a more difficult diagnostic test for you to gauge how much you need to learn about language analysis.  The answer key has links to the relevant guides.
A 50-item methodology and theory test This is a diagnostic test for you to gauge how much you need to learn about methodology and background theories of ELT.  The answer key has links to the relevant guides.
Cambridge English website A good deal of helpful and important documentation for Delta can be found here.
Search ELT Concourse If you are looking for something specific.
The A-Z index
Courses The index of all courses on ELT Concourse.  They are all completely free.
Researching online This is a guide to doing language and methodology research online which suggests how you might judge how reliable such sources are.
Mythologies in ELT This is a guide to some of the mythologies you would do well to treat with some scepticism.
Academic management If you are, or have ambitions to be, an Academic Manager, these guides may help.
Training to Train If you are or have ambitions to be a Delta trainer, this free six-part conversion course may help.
The Bridge A set of guides falling midway between initial and diploma-level training.