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Academic Managers go by many names, not all complimentary.
They can be called Academic Managers, Directors of Studies, Course Managers, Senior Teachers, Teaching Administrators, Teaching Managers, Academic Directors, Course Coordinators, Teaching Team Leaders and a host of other job titles which reflect the institution's view of what the job involves, or, too frequently, are chosen at random.

The guides in this section of the site are intended for you if you find yourself in a role which requires you in some way to be in charge of part or all of an academic programme and the people who deliver it.

This might involve, but not be limited to:

  • planning timetables
  • placing learners
  • employing academic staff
  • supporting academic staff
  • designing a syllabus
  • covering for absent teachers
  • maintaining learning records
  • liaising with sponsors
  • leading workshops
  • inducting and training academic staff
  • observing and assessing teaching
  • managing room availability
  • maintaining student discipline
  • designing achievement and placement tests

If that partly or wholly describes your role, you are an Academic Manager for our purposes in this section of the site.
It will, of course, be of the most help to people newly in a management role but it may also be of interest to experienced managers who need a bit of refreshment concerning their role and what else they could be doing with their time.
This section of the site is under active development so, if the topic of concern to you is not yet covered, contact ELT Concourse and we'll see if we can help.
If you are considering submitting a Delta Module Three essay focusing on ELT Management, there is help and advice linked from the Delta index, linked below.
You may also find ideas for the part of your job which involves creating teacher development programmes in that section of this site.  The link is below.

The guides are here:

What makes a good Academic Manager? problem solving for Academic Managers observing and assessing teaching
development programmes for teachers running a development programme placing students in classes
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