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You may not use this material for commercial purposes.  The material may be used with fee-paying learners of English but may not be used on fee-paying courses for teachers.  Small excerpts from materials, conventionally attributed, may be used on such courses but wholesale lifting of materials is explicitly forbidden.  There is, of course, no objection at all to providing fee-paying course participants with annotated links to materials anywhere on this site.  Indeed, that is welcomed.

The index is in four parts:

Part 1: Preparing for TKT
Before you start a TKT course, whether it is the one on this site or a paid-for face-to-face training course, you may like to look at these guides to help you prepare.
It will help if you have familiarised yourself with some basic grammatical concepts and terminology.
The TKT Overview This guide explains what is in the TKT, how it is marked and how to prepare for the examination.
The TKT Course Study Companion This is a short handbook to help you prepare for and take a TKT examination.
The TKT Glossary This is a list of terms and concepts useful for TKT on the Cambridge website.  Download it before you start and refer to it as you go along.
A test on the TKT glossary This link takes you to a series of crossword puzzles to test yourself on the key terms you need for TKT.
A pre-course grammar quiz If you can't score better than 50% on this 25-item quiz, you need to follow one of the next two links before you do a course.
A 10-unit course in Language Analysis This is a 10-unit course covering the elements of pronunciation, word class, content and function words, subjects and objects, tenses and aspects, modality, sentences, phrases, clauses and text structures.
Simple Grammar of English A simple grammar designed for elementary learners of English.
A basic training course Intended for people with no experience at all.  It is quite basic but covers theory and practice.
Methodology essentials This is a short guide to three sets of important methodologies.
Learn phonemic transcription Learn how the sounds of English are transcribed.

Part2: The TKT course for each Module
Module 1 Module 2 Module 3
Language and background to language learning and teaching Lesson planning and use of resources for language teaching Managing the teaching and learning process
Describing language and language skills Planning and preparing a lesson or sequence of lessons Teachers' and learners' language in the classroom
Grammar Identifying and selecting appropriate aims Sequencing of instructions
Lexis Identifying the different components of a lesson plan Identifying the functions of learners' language
Phonology Planning a lesson or a sequence of lessons Categorising learners' mistakes
Functions Choosing assessment activities Classroom management
Receptive skills Selection and use of resources Classroom management
Productive skills Consulting reference resources Teacher roles
Background to language learning Selection and use of materials Grouping learners
Motivation   Correcting learners
Exposure to language and focus on form   Giving feedback
The role of error    
The difference between L1 and L2 learning    
Learner characteristics    
Learner needs    
Background to language teaching    
Presentation techniques and introductory activities    
Types of activities and tasks for language and skills development    
Assessment types and tasks    
Part 3: Practice tests and revision  You should not use these until you have followed the course!
Module 1 revision course Module 2 revision course Module 3 revision course
Module 1 tests Module 2 tests Module 3 tests
Module 1 practice examination Module 2 practice examination Module 3 practice examination

Part 4: Other indexes, guides and links
Initial-plus training section Guides to specific areas of English (and to teaching them) can be found in these sections.
In-service training section The in-service guides are more technical ones (which you probably don't need).
Cambridge English TKT A good deal of documentation for TKT can be found on this website.
Search ELT Concourse If you are looking for something specific.
The A-Z index
Courses The index of all courses on ELT Concourse.  All courses are completely free.