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Many of the resources that teachers may need will be found on the pages for students.  Feel free to integrate any of the on-line exercises and lessons into your teaching.

Teaching online

Currently, because of the Covid-19 outbreak, many teachers are moving their face-to-face work to online and virtual classrooms.
ELT Concourse is an online resource, of course, and help is at hand.
There is a guide you can access here to how to teach online, what facilities you will need, how to plan online teaching and how to find materials on this site to help you.

Other links you may need:

You can contribute to ELT Concourse to expand this section.  Please contact to contribute and say what you have in mind.

Teaching materials This index page is categorised by level and focus and contains raw materials, PowerPoint materials for classroom use, full lesson plans and more.
Teacher training index This takes you to the index for teachers in training and teacher trainers.
Teaching Knowledge Test The free course preparing for the Cambridge Teaching Knowledge Test (TKT).  The course covers Core Modules 1, 2 and 3.
CELTA This link takes you to the index for the Cambridge University initial training course.
A basic training course This simple course is intended to provide a theoretical and practical grounding for novices.  It is not a substitute for a proper teacher training course.
Teacher development This section contains ideas for developing your teaching and adapting to change.  It is not linked to any formal training procedure.
A simple grammar This is a simple grammar of English designed for elementary learners.  You may find some of it helpful in the classroom, especially with lower levels.
Language analysis This link takes you to a 10-unit course in language analysis which covers phonology, morphology, lexis, tenses, aspect, phrases, clauses, sentences and text structures.  You may find it helpful when explaining structure in the classroom (or to yourself).
About language This link takes you to an index of guides on this site concerned with language in general (and English in particular).
Considering Delta This link takes you to a page of advice for those considering taking a Delta course which includes links to some crucial guides.
Delta This link takes you to the index for the Cambridge University in-service training course.